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If you are already a member and wish to notify us of a change of address just use the e-mail link below. If you wish to change your death benefit nomination you can still use the e-mail link but we will have to forward a form for you to complete. In either case you may prefer to use the form page instead.

Don't forget to include either your membership or national insurance number to enable us to correctly identify you.

Why Join?

The CWU represent around 215,000 workers. We use our collective strength to protect the rights of individuals. We provide our members with a voice at work and ensure that they have equality of opportunity. Whether you work for a small company or a global corporation, rest assured that you have the strength and security of belonging to a union that cares about and listens to its members

We aim to improve your working life and are committed to ensuring that each member:

- Has a safe working environment
- Has access to training & career development
- Is treated with respect and dignity
- Is treated fairly

When you join the CWU we will ensure that you have a voice and that you are listened to.