Employment Rights

National Living Wage

for workers aged 25 or over it will be £7.50 an hour

Aged 21 - 24, £7.05 per hour
Aged 18 - 20, £5.60 per hour
Aged 16 - 17, £4.05 per hour
Apprentices under 19 or over 19 and in their first year of apprenticeship £3.50 per hour

Minimum Holiday Entitlement

From 1 April 2009 the holiday entitlement is 5.6 weeks (28 days if you work a five day week)

Statutory redundancy

UK workers are caught up in the turmoil of the free market and global competitiveness. Employers, particularly in the telecom industry, are cutting staffing levels to the bone and redundancies are being announced on a daily basis.

In recognised companies, the union is always there in the workplace. It is much harder for union members in non-recognised companies. In order to assist members we have bookmarked redundancy information from the TUC to provide helpful and up-to-date advice on statutory redundancy procedures, now available at workSMART/redundancy

The maximum week's pay for the purposes of calculating statutory redundancy payments is £479 for redundancies and the maximum payment under the statutory scheme is currently £14,370. For a handy redundancy payment calculator click... ready reckoner

Working life and family-friendly policies

In order to assist members we have bookmarked this section from the TUC's workSMART website to provide helpful and up-to-date advice.