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International Workers’ Memorial Day

We remember those who have lost their lives at work, or from work-related injury and diseases. We renew our efforts to organise collectively to prevent more deaths, injuries and disease as a result of work.
International Workers Memorial Day is commemorated throughout the world and is officially recognised by the UK Government.
The timeline link below details some of the events in British labour history where employer and government failures led to the preventable deaths of workers, it also includes dates which mark when trade unions won key legislative change to protect rights to safety at work.

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PPE and Social Distancing – CWU Online Support
CWU representatives at all levels have worked tirelessly in making sure our members have access to PPE in the workplace and that social distancing measures are in place. This has been against a background of employers and managers not always acting as quickly as they should have and, in some cases, failing to prioritise the health and safety of our members. To this end, we want to thank again our local representatives and branches, who in very difficult circumstances have been outstanding in dealing with our members’ concerns.
To further support the members and the work our representatives have been doing, we have now developed a simple webpage where members can log their PPE/social distancing issues. From there, we will send the queries to branches locally to be picked up. This work will be supplemented as necessary through the union’s structures.
This web page is another advancement of our digital support for members and will operate for all CWU constituencies and every company we have members in. It will ensure the whole union is as visible as possible to our members in systematically logging and tackling these difficult issues during the Coronavirus pandemic. We want to reassure all members that this approach is designed to support and not replace the great work that is already taking place.
The webpage can be accessed by clicking on the link below.


We have launched our new ‘Our Hours’ campaign for all our members in Openreach. Removing the 60 minute personal travel time commitment is our top priority ! #CWUOurHours

From time to time each and everyone of us needs help or advice with work related issues. As a member you can turn to the CWU. We have vast experience of dealing with the many kinds of problems that people encounter at work.; for example - harassment, bullying, disciplinary cases, unfair dismissal, redundancy.

These are all issues that we handle on a regular basis


Employees in communications, finance and related industries have the opportunity to join the CWU.

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The CWU represent around 215,000 workers. We use our collective strength to protect the rights of individuals.

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Members can take advantage of a wide range of benefits packages including discounted finance, shopping, and more...

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